LIVE A FULFILLING RETIREMENTBridge the gap between uncertainty and retiring confidently

Move From Financial Uncertainty to Enduring Confidence

A bridge connects two different places while crossing or overcoming an obstacle. However, when you consider what it takes to bring those two landmasses together, there is so much to consider. You must account for several constraints like the span of the bridge, what’s it carrying, what’s it crossing, the two points being connected, how we build it, adaptability for years to come, and the amount of clearance needed below it.

Planning for retirement is like building a bridge.

We believe when building a financial plan, you must consider comparable constraints:

  • When do you want to retire?
  • What lifestyle to you want to live now, and in retirement?
  • How do we account for health, volatile markets, inflation and changing tax codes?
  • What do you want to leave as a legacy?
Scaffolding and Crane Construction of Bridge

You Can’t Build A Retirement Plan And Simply Hope It Works.

There is too much riding on it and too many people focus only on accumulation

Here’s How We Help:


Is a fee-based plan for you? It's detailed and documents your goals with a comprehensive look at your finances.



We schedule a meeting to learn about your goals, dreams and gather all your financial data.



We design and present a plan based on where you're at and where you want to go.



Put the strategy into action. You can partner with us or take the plan elsewhere.

A Strategy To Give You Stability

High-performing businesses utilize a CFO to implement a strategy to use income, savings, and other financial tools to reach their goals. As a high-performing individual, you should have a similar approach. When looking for the stability of a financial strategy, you should partner with a financial team that will help you prioritize your goals, run an in-depth and comprehensive financial analysis, and then creates an individualized action plan to achieve those goals.

Most Advisors Focus On Helping People Accumulate Assets, But Few Discuss How To Live Off Them Once You Retire.

People can be hesitant or misinformed when it comes to taking the next step financially, especially retirement. A sound retirement strategy is critical and having a financial plan in place allows you to comfortably retire because you’re confident in your plan. You’re confident to take the next step—to move forward.

At Five Cities Financial, we help people build a bridge to retirement from their working years, so they have the confidence to move forward on their journey.

Five Cities Financial Team