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Planning Process

There’s no shortage of advice for what you should be doing with your money. "Invest here, save there, move money here." However, it’s not customized for what you want your money to do. That’s where we come in. We provide people the confidence to move forward financially.

First, we begin with an in-depth conversation about goals, life, money, and your values

Then, we analyze the data. By diving into your current financial standing, we can see where you are as it relates to what you told us.

Next, we provide you with a detailed-written financial plan. The plan includes the strategy and tactics necessary to takes steps towards your goals.

Finally, we follow-up and follow-through. We work with you to make sure you take action. A plan only works if you act on it. We're there to partner with you to accomplish your goals.

Reach your new level of financial confidence.

Jim Houghton, David Kreiter and Michael Eli McNall are fee-based planners.